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It is our hope that the Journey Principles Podcast will help you grow and lead you toward the life you want with amazing guests, easy to apply practical principles, and personal motivation. Stephen shares from his knowledge, his experiences, and most of all, his heart! He knows all about suffering and bears witness to how amazing life can be when we choose to take a stand and apply principles that matter. Many of these are the same principles that transcended him from being virtually homeless and ready to take his life to becoming a respected and successful business owner. In a very transparent way, Stephen and his guests will walk you through the principles they have adopted into their lives and use daily. They will teach you how to transform from who you think you are today to becoming who you’re meant to be! It does not matter what kind of setbacks you have experienced so far. Stephen and his guests share from their personal, real-life journeys in order to empower you, the listener.
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Apr 18, 2016

Welcome back JP Nation! We have an amazing music artist to share with you today. He wrote his first song at the age of 5 and got his start as a street performer during the Olympics in Georgia. Tune in to listen to Michael Tolcher as he walks us through the reason he plays music.

Michael grew up in a home with five other siblings. He has two older brothers so playing sports was common in his home. We went on to get a running scholarship to the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. But in 1996 he put down running and picked up music. Performing on the streets during the Olympics was the first time he had ever performed for a crowd and he fell in love. It was the first time he had felt what it was like to truly inspire people.

Throughout his 20s, Michael started to write some really powerful lyrics. He refers to this time as “squeezing his sponge” because he was sharing his heart with others. He felt like his lyrics were a musical journal entry. He was holding a lot of things inside his head and once he started to write them down, he was healing. He noticed when he would “squeeze his sponge” people were relating and hopefully healing in the process.

Music is medicine for Michael. He recalls a moment, during a dark time, when he heard a Dave Matthews Band’s song. The words that were sung echoed in his mind. He felt like he wasn’t alone. There was a glimmer of hope that happiness would return. That is when he decided that he would write songs to give people hope and let them know they aren’t alone.

It hasn’t always been about writing music from 1996 forward. There was a time when Michael was hit with many struggles all at once. There came a day when his label, agent, lawyer, and wife were no longer there or on his team. He also lost his 11 year dog companion during that time. He was alone. He knew he had to pick himself up off the ground. It was 95 degrees in Georgia and he went for a run. When questioned why he was doing so, his reply was “If I do tough things, I am going to be tough.” He knew that he needed to keep going with his life and felt like he needed to overcome physically tough challenges in order to be mentally tough.

Michael leaves us with three things he does to help overcome adversity.

  1. Connecting with people: He connects with people he loves and that love him. He always feels the most strength when doing this.
  2. Meditating: When he meditates he is preparing himself to be the best he can be. Nature plays a very important role in his life. Sitting in nature helps him feel more relaxed. He feels a calming energy.
  3. Maintaining perspective and thirst for what this life is truly about: Life is going to be tough. When adversity hits, he reminds himself that it’s only a page or a chapter of his life. He maintains a thirst for meaning and understanding of what his life holds.

When you maintain a spirit of wonderment, you can express joy to other people. Michael Tolcher does that through his music. He writes amazing words that are truly inspiring. Check him out at

We sincerely hope that you enjoy today’s podcast. We had a great time talking with Michael and can’t wait to see him perform at our Light Up the Darkness event in September. You don’t want to miss it! There will be more information coming out soon so make sure you are following us on Facebook, Stephen Scoggins The Journey Principles, and Twitter, @stephen_scoggin. Also starting soon we are going to have a show specifically with your questions and feedback. Please email us at, we can’t wait to hear from you! Until next time please comment and share with your family friends.

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