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Jun 13, 2016

Chained No More with Robyn Besemann:

Welcome back Journey Principles Family! Today we have author, speaker and songwriter, Robyn Besemann, with us. She is the author of the book “Chained No More” and has her own radio show titled “Chained No More.” She also has a curriculum that helps people who are going through struggles. She is going to share with us about how God has moved in her life.

Robyn grew up in what she calls a “bubble”. She is from a pastor’s family where the environment was full of serving and helping others. She feels she has always been led towards ministry. There is one time, in particular, that she began thinking about how she could reach lots of people.

She became a camp mom one summer. She spent many nights up with children who were sobbing into her shirt and sharing their struggles at home. It made her start thinking that if children are suffering, adults are suffering also. What is the church doing about this? What is the body of Christ doing about this? That’s when she began researching and learning exactly that. She truly believes that God is the answer to all the hurt we have but she just didn’t know how to help. She started getting involved to find ways to help. There was a registration form and on this form there was a box you could check for more information regarding single parent ministry. 450 families checked that box. It became obvious that this was where she was going to start. That then led to the writing of her book titled “Chained No More”.

One of the things Robyn wants to accomplish with her course is that we are able to understand and recognize that we need and want help. Once we understand who or what is hurting us, we can begin the healing process. She doesn’t like to tell anyone what to do, she wants them to figure it out on their own with guidance and direction. She shares a couple of stories with us about 2 females’ lives that were changed. She watched the hand of God at work.

One of those stories is about a lady named Betty. She worked at DHS and came into Robyn’s class as a young professional. During the first class she just cried and cried because of all the hurt she had experienced. She shared about her childhood and growing up in a family of great neglect. Because of her experience, she didn’t want to have children of her own. She was afraid she would put her children through the same childhood she experienced. During her time in Robyn’s class, Betty found great healing. She grew so much. At the end of the class, she shared that she thought she wanted to have a child with her husband of 5 years. They now have a little boy and Betty is a very attentive mom.

Many people with hurt from their childhood, such as Betty, live in fear. The goal is to help us live in faith more than we live in fear. One of the first things that has to happen is that we must recognize that we are living in fear and then why. After that, the tools come into play. People have said that the best thing that has been learned from Robyn’s class is the “click point”. The very instance that a thought enters your mind, you must turn it around. That’s called the click point. Stephen refers to something very similar. It’s called the “challenge thought”. Once a thought comes into your mind, challenge it with a question. And not just any question but the right question. Our mind has the amazing ability to always answer a question that has been asked. But we must start asking the right questions. Instead of “why me?”, ask “what can I learn?”. Both the click point and the challenge thought helps to change the mindset and continue the process of healing.

Robyn also spends some time talking about how to handle confrontation. There is a saying she likes to teach, “put a permanent ridge in your tongue.” When you are f aced with a moment that you would normally fly off the handle at someone, put your tongue in that ridge first and think about it. Nothing good comes from getting overly mad at someone and yelling. You must learn to have healthy confrontation and move to resolution. It isn’t about proving who is right and wrong but about coming to a resolution with the conflict. If two people are facing each other, they can’t face the same direction. In other words, if two people are fighting and arguing with each other, they can’t achieve the same goals.

We truly hope that you enjoy today’s podcast with Robyn Besemann. You can stay in connection with her through her website You can also listen to her radio show at

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