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It is our hope that the Journey Principles Podcast will help you grow and lead you toward the life you want with amazing guests, easy to apply practical principles, and personal motivation. Stephen shares from his knowledge, his experiences, and most of all, his heart! He knows all about suffering and bears witness to how amazing life can be when we choose to take a stand and apply principles that matter. Many of these are the same principles that transcended him from being virtually homeless and ready to take his life to becoming a respected and successful business owner. In a very transparent way, Stephen and his guests will walk you through the principles they have adopted into their lives and use daily. They will teach you how to transform from who you think you are today to becoming who you’re meant to be! It does not matter what kind of setbacks you have experienced so far. Stephen and his guests share from their personal, real-life journeys in order to empower you, the listener.
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Nov 7, 2016

The Wildwood Wonder Woman with Delayne Hebert:

Welcome back to the Journey Principles! Our goal is to inspire your mind and motivate your heart. We have someone with us today that will do just that. She is such an inspiration! At the age of 21, she has faced and overcame more adversities than most people her age. We like to call her the “Wildwood Wonder Woman” a.k.a. Delayne Hebert.

Delayne grew up in a small town of Iowa where her family was known for drug and alcohol abuse. In 2001 a guidance counselor recommended a new summer camp for her and her brother to attend, Wildwood Hills Ranch. Delayne would have to wait until 2003, when she was 8 years old, to attend the summer camp. When she did, it was truly life changing for her! She has learned to turn all the negatives in her life into positive, inspiring things.

Now she is focusing on helping children who are in the same situations that she found herself in throughout her childhood. Tune in to hear her amazing story and how she was able to overcome all these obstacles that were placed in her way.

In today’s episode you will learn more about the following:

* The power of 1 choice.

* Importance of having personal time.

* Your past does not define your future.

* 3 steps to help someone going through the same struggles as Delayne faced in her childhood.

We hope you are able to gain as much inspiration from Delayne as we were. To learn more about Wildwood Hills Ranch, visit their website at This is such an amazing camp for children. It is focused towards at-risk children, such as Delayne and her brother, and by the age of 12 they are teaching them leadership skills. You can also follow Delayne on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Please share this episode and others with those who need it most. Stay connected with us on our website,, and through social media. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Snapchat. As always we look forward to spending more time with you on the next Journey Principles.